Calling Me A Child Witness?

I am called a child witness because I witnessed intimate partner violence in my home as a child.  But, I call myself a survivor. You see, I saw the abuse, felt the emotional turmoil and will never forget it. So, how am I a witness?  I survived it too!  I saw the physical, emotional, psychological and financial abuse. I saw my mother beaten and her pain as I felt mine.  I felt it too!

As an organizer who works to decentralize power within policy reform, it is important that I strike labels and words that do not properly identify me. I strike the name child witness from my personal identity and embrace survivor.  My pain is healing and is now becoming my power to advocate for justice.

So, when I am called a child witness to intimate partner violence. I simply say “yes, I saw the abuse, and felt it too.”  I am a survivor not a child witness!  I give you back that name.


One thought on “Calling Me A Child Witness?

  1. Well said! You didn’t merely witness abuse; you felt it. You, a little child, felt it, and you survived. I embrace that little child part of you with love, and I commend and respect that strong, powerful adult you. Yes, go forth powerful woman and continue with your work to advocate for justice. Hooray!

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