How Members Organize for Change

To build power in our community, we have to build the leadership and organizing skills of domestic violence survivors. VOW accomplishes this though various training programs for new and active members. These programs focus on community organizing, political education, and understanding domestic violence; they combine workshops and hands-on experience in community organizing. We continually develop a new generation of advocates, activists, and leaders dedicated to social justice.

Some ways that VOW Members organize for change are:

  • Documenting system failures
  • Testifying at hearings
  • Creating position papers
  • Developing recommendations for change
  • Meeting with local and state officials
  • Educating judges, district attorneys, domestic violence service providers, police officers, City agency representatives, court personnel, and others about the complexities of domestic violence and the needs of battered women
  • Informing the public about domestic violence – members speak to high school and college students, church groups, community organizations, and programs for women
  • Organizing actions such as rallies, demonstrations, and campaigns in order to hold systems accountable for meeting the needs of abused women