About Us

The Voices of Women Organizing Project (VOW) is the lead initiative of the Battered Women’s Resource Center. Our mission is to bring together survivors of domestic violence to improve the systems meant to provide safety and justice for abused women and their children.

VOW provides training, support, and technical assistance so that survivors can reclaim their power, identify their needs, and collectively craft public recommendations. VOW members organize to promote long-term systemic change by documenting institutional failures, testifying at hearings, creating position papers, and meeting with local and state officials. VOW is dedicated to ensuring that the voices of survivors are heard, recognized for their expertise, and included in the decision-making process.


The institutions intended to protect abused women and assist them in achieving independence often fail them. Biases and misconceptions that blame and punish survivors for the mistreatment they have suffered make it difficult for women to leave abusive relationships or…

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How Members Organize for Change

To build power in our community, we have to build the leadership and organizing skills of domestic violence survivors. VOW accomplishes this though various training programs for new and active members. These programs focus on community organizing, political education, and…

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Our History

In 2000, the Voices of Women Organizing Project (VOW), the lead initiative of the Battered Women’s Resource Center, was founded so that survivors of domestic violence can help shape the policies, actions and regulations that impact abused women and children.…

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Our Values

The Battered Women’s Resource Center believes that efforts to end domestic violence must be informed by those most affected by the issue. As an organization, we value diversity, accountability, and the empowerment of women. We respect all opinions and strive…

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Our Board & Staff

Susan Lob, (Founder) has worked with survivors of domestic violence in shelters, non-residential programs, and child welfare agencies for 25 years. She has extensive experience training staff members of domestic violence and child welfare agencies; she has written many curricula on…

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VOW depends on contributions that can be put to immediate use to sustain our ongoing campaigns. All gifts – no matter the amount – help ensure that VOW continues to help women and their children escape abuse. Adco Foundation Altria…

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