Giving Opportunities
There are many practical and effective ways to provide financial support to the Voices of Women Organizing Project. Here are some suggestions:


  • Write a check
    VOW depends on contributions that can be put to immediate use to sustain our ongoing campaigns. All gifts – no matter the amount – help ensure that VOW continues to help women and their children escape abuse.
  • Donate by credit card
    You can contribute through VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express – by mail or online at our secure site. It’s fast, convenient, easy, and safe!
  • Make a long-term pledge
    To help VOW work, you can arrange to give at regular intervals – yearly, quarterly, or even monthly.
  • Give financial securities or property
    Many donors find it convenient – and tax-wise – to donate stocks or bonds that have appreciated in value, real estate, or other property.
  • Have your gift matched by your employer
    Many companies encourage their employees and retirees to support agencies like VOW by matching their contributions dollar-for-dollar. Gifts made by spouses may also be covered. Check with your Human Resources office to see if you qualify.
  • Consider a planned gift
    One of the best ways to provide for VOW’s future is to arrange now for a gift that will come at a later time. By doing so, you can often afford to make a much larger contribution than you thought possible. There are several attractive options:
  • A bequest in your will
    Everyone should have a valid, up-to-date will, and you can use this basic planning tool to make a future donation to VOW.
  • Life insurance
    A policy that is no longer needed (say, because your children are now financially independent) can be donated to VOW to provide a future benefit for the poor.
  • Life-income plans
    Through a Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Remainder Trust, or similar vehicle, you can receive current income, an immediate income tax deduction, estate tax benefits – and the satisfaction of knowing that your generosity will have an impact far into the future.

How To Donate

  • Donate by phone:
    To donate to VOW call 212.696.1481
  • Donate Online:
    To donate by credit card, simply click here to use our secure on-line donation form.
  • Donate by mail:
    Please make checks payable to the Battered Women’s Resource Center. To donate by mail, simply click here to download a donation form. Please complete the entire form and mail your, check, money order or credit card information to:Battered Women’s Resource Center
    Voices of Women Organizing Project
    PO Box 20181
    Greeley Square Station
    New York, NY 10001